I'm well into my 3rd age - past 80 and still reasonably fit. The image shown on a full screen (see Note) is a Fall view of the lake as seen from our cottage. The cottage is located on Buckhorn Lake just north of Peterborough, Ontario. When not at the cottage, my wife and I live in our downtown Toronto condo. We can take advantage of the best of both worlds - the peace and tranquility of our cottage and the hectic, multi-dimensional life of downtown Toronto.

When I first established a web presence back in the dim past of the 1990's, my focus was on my consulting practice and on the IT profession. All of my consulting is now a volunteer effort and I have not maintained my currency in IT best practice, but I'm still interested in technology, just not as an active vocation. I volunteer, often working with the LIFE Institute at Ryerson University and with local urban planning groups.

At the LIFE Institute I've offered several classical music courses and a smaller number of technology, urban planning and philosophy/sociology courses. I find that offering non-credit courses to my 3rd age peers is an excellent way to enhance and consolidate my understanding. And I've gotten involved in some of the IT challenges that the LIFE Institute faces.

Urban planning in downtown Toronto is a fascinating exercise. Toronto is now the forth largest urban area in North America with a downtown that is projected to double in population in the next few decades. I've been involved in planning for specific properties, planning for areas and planning new urban initiatives. One of the more promising initiatives is Living Urban Blocks, where people have equal use of the public realm and where vehicles don't have an automatic right-of-way.

Over time I will be adding material to this site. One of the steps will be to install a static copy of my last website. The technology keeps changing. I'll keep an archival record on the site, but there would be little value in having the old content served by a new content management system. I'll also be adding Thoughts as the spirit moves me and as i find the time to present those thoughts on this site.

25 Maitland, Toronto

Note: This site is "responsive" and changes to fit different screen widths. The lake view image doesn't fit on narrow screens. All of this happens thanks to the beneath-the-covrs wonders of Cascading Style Sheets.