Outline – Session Three (Search for Meaning)

1. NYTimes – Floundering/Flurishing

Q: Can you flourish by taking small steps?


2. 3rd Age – Challenge

Q: Is meaning/purpose of particular importance to 3rd agers?


3. 3rd Age – Background

Q: Will future 3rd agers be free to take on whatever roles they want?


4. Meaning

Q: Is “What’s the meaning of life?” meaningful?

Video: PBS 9.5 minute video on language & meaning. Should we watch?


5. Role of Social Groups

Q: Are we significantly shaped by our social groups?

Video: Vygotsky saw the importance of social groups. Should we watch a 5.4 minute Vygotsky video?


6. Existential Challenge (Satre vs Vygotsky)

Q: Can we have Freedom and play roles in social groups?

Video: Self-Determination Theory embraces: Competence and the tension between Autonomy & Relatedness. Should we watch a 2 minute video on SDT?


7. Embedded Self

Q: Is our environment an active participant in self & cognition?

Video: The second Andy Clark video explains how the physical environment is a participant in cognition. Should we watch this 15 minute video?

Session Four


Background Question

To what extent will we be embedded in our virtual environment?


Meaning of Life

What are emotionally satisfying meanings to assign to life?


Purpose in Life

Does it make sense to identify purposes in life?

Session Five

Argument: Contributing to (your) important environments is a fit purpose in life!