AI References

Artificial Intelligence References

The European Parliament published a reasonable “How artificial intelligence works” background paper in March 2019. It’s a place to start if you want background on AI.

Wikipedia’s “Artificial neural network” is a more detailed look at how neural networks work. The level of interest in the subject is high. As a result their entry provides considerable detail. Wikipedia also offers a more general "Artificial Intelligence".

For those interested in how we got to this point, “The Second Age of Computer Science” by S. Dasgupta, Oxford Press, 2018 covers much of the background. I’ve extracted the Prologue and it’s available here as a pdf file.

Big Data is a field all unto itself, but the connections to AI are important. It takes mounds of data to allow an AI system to learn enough to be helpful. A recent paper in the International Journal of Research and Engineering provide a short overview.

The winner of this year’s one million dollar AI prize, Regina Barzilay (MIT Computer Science) was recently interviewed. Her interest in using AI to help with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is an interesting and personal story.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a substantial entry of “Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”. It’s a reasonably thorough introduction to the subject.

Finally, on an optimistic note, “AI for Social Good” from Keio University and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities offers eight substantial chapters on the positive ways that AI could be used. It’s aspirations not predictive, but insightful.