In the beginning my website was pure html. The value of adding a bit of common php soon became obvious. An early content management system followed. After watching much water flow down the river I came to recognize the value of the Drupal Content Management System. I've been tracking Drupal through version 5, 6, and 7. Version 8 is the future. That Drupal future takes advantage of several open source web technologies. It's a sophisticated environment. Fortunately there is an alternative - Backdro CMS. It's a fork from Drupal 7 that delivers selected new features from Drupal 8, but with the introduction of a basket of sophisticated new technologies. This site is being build on the Backdrop CMS foundation. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to move material from previous versions of Drupal to Backdrop. But it was possible for me to capture a static version of my old website going back two generations. This has all the static information from those older sites, but does not have content that changes. That's acceptable (to me) because this is really just archival material.

Previous Website [STATIC]