I began by teaching calculus as a graduate student. I spent a decade and a half teaching in university, first at Smith College and then at York University. Eventually, I went out into the world to see if what I was professing would have "real world" traction. I spent more than three decades in that world, but never stopped professing, albeit most often to professional audiences. Now I'm enjoying living off my retirement benefits, but I'm also still interested in professing. The LIFE Institute at Ryerson University is where I did my professing in pre-pandemic days. When participants can return to the classroom, I may resume leading LIFE classes.

My previously offered LIFE courses: 

  • 2014 Winter - Our Search for Meaning
  • 2014 Spring - High Tech Impact
  • 2014 Fall - Bach and His Successors
  • 2015 Winter - A Great Yonge Street
  • 2015 Spring - Bach and His Contemporaries
  • 2015 Fall - Shostakovich and Other Russians
  • 2016 Winter - The String Quartet
  • 2016 Fall - Exploring Beethoven
  • 2017 Winter - The Imagination of Glenn Gould
  • 2017 Fall - Sustaining the Social Fabric of Downtown Toronto
  • 2018 Spring - Smartphone Basics
  • 2018 Fall - Musical Vienna in 1800 
  • 2019 Spring - The Piano Concerto
  • 2019 Spring - Tech for Seniors

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a temporary hold on my teaching efforts at LIFE.

I'm happy to provide pdf files of my presentation slides for any of the courses I offered. Send me an email message and I'll add requested files.