LIFE Video Movie Club

The reason for this page is simple. During the pandemic, the LIFE Movie Club can physically attend movies together. Zooming is the next best thing, streaming videos of older, popular movies that have entered into the public domain. And we'll always leave time at the end of the movie for a discussion. We may not be able to physically gather, but we can still discuss the movies. This web page is the place whee LIFE Movie Club information will be posted.

Possible future movies: Master List of Candidate

Have a look. If you see something that interest you, let us know.

Terry Poulton <>
Bob Fabian <>

Presentation Slides

Most sessions will include a few introductory slides. Here you'll find a pdf version of any slides we present:

Sixth Virtual Movie - 2021/02/08

Fifth Virtual Movie - 2020/12/01

Fourth Virtual Movie - 2020/11/10

Third Virtual Movie - 2020/10/06

Second Virtual Movie - 2020/09/01

First Virtual Movie - 2020/08/04

Trial Session - 2020/07/07